Azienda Agricola Antica Acetaia Cavedoni dal 1860

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Food condiment

The Cavedoni condiment in obtained from selected Trebbiano of Castelvetro grapes. The grapes are passed carefully and the must is obtained after cooking over a direct fi re. The Cavedoni condiment is housed in the attic and is aged for long years, maturing and concentrating in barrels of various essence (oak, chestnut, cherry, mulberry, juniper). It is a gastronomic treasure which a few modenese families guard jealously, passing on the secret. With its precious sweet-sour harmony the Cavedoni condiment goes with the most varied recipes, as taught by the most prestigious chefs. A few drops are in fact enough to season a salad, legumes, boiled or grilled vegetables, exellent on cutlets and with meat, unbeatable as pick-me-up and digestive, special on strawberries and ice cream. Cavedoni guarantees, and with laboratory tests to prove it, the genuinenes of this magnifi cent product, fruit of centuries of experience of love and respect for tradition.