Azienda Agricola Antica Acetaia Cavedoni dal 1860

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History of the Cavedoni family

The Cavedoni name brings love and tradition to the production of balsamic vinegar of Modena, following artisanal techniques passed down the generations from 1860. It is a love that speaks of respect for ancient traditions, of the alchemy of time and of the farsightedness of one man who already in 1950 could boast a collection of 500 vinegar barrels: Francesco Cavedoni.

The local tradition of giving our children a battery of balsamic vinegar barrels as a wedding gift takes us right back to 1835 with the birth of MORANDI FRANCESCO. As a jack of all trades –  he was carpenter, wood seller, cobbler – he lived the ancient tradition of keeping a battery of vinegar barrels in his loft.

The birth of his son MORANDI GIUSEPPE in May 1860 continued the Morandi family dynasty and the tradition of developing the vinegar loft, establishing there a range of barrels. He was probably helped by the fact that he was a master builder, which ensured for him a comfortable living, but he was also spurred on by the need to produce dowries for his three children, all girls. The youngest was called MORANDI ZAIRA, born in 1894, who as a young girl came to know a labourer working at her father’s yard called CAVEDONI DANTE (born 1893). A love was born between them that made theirs a happy marriage, consolidated by the arrival of three sons. One of these was CAVEDONI FRANCESCO (born 1926), who proved more than the others to have loved and understood the NATURAL balsamic vinegar, as the traditional balsamic vinegar was then known. 

His life was dedicated to keeping and extending a number of batteries, and to teaching those who wanted information on preparing vinegar or starting a battery. He married CODELUPPI ORIETTA, who bore him two sons, CAVEDONI DANTE (1952) and CAVEDONI PAOLO (1956).

The brothers DANTE and PAOLO together helped their father with the vinegar production, which by this time involved a large amount of decanting, topping up, must boiling and grape selection, until July 1998 when the father Cavedoni Francesco died. 

This has proved to be a turning point for the family vinegar producing business, in that it has been divided into two parts, each conducted differently. Cavedoni Dante has maintained his part without any form of commercialisation, with the sole aim of passing on to his children a significant family asset; Cavedoni Paolo, meanwhile, is continuing the work started by his father – a great passion dedicated to maintaining and improving centuries-old batteries, putting into practice all those small secrets that are vital to the production of balsamic vinegar, and last but not least passing on the love given him by his parents for this wonderful product so valued and admired around the world.

The marriage  of Cavedoni Paolo to Pini Vanna produced CAVEDONI FRANCESCO Jr (born 1984) and CAVEDONI MARCELLO (born 1988), the future champions of one of the rarest and noblest products of our lands, the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena DOP.


The Cavedoni vinegar company is still under direct the control of the family which, thanks to its long experience, is able to supervise all stages of the production, from the selection of the grapes through to bottling, in this way guaranteeing that its clients and end users always enjoy a natural product that satisfies the most discerning palate. 

For the production of its vinegar, the Cavedoni family finds its inspiration in a practical philosophy based exclusively on quality, a quality that is characterised on the one hand by careful selection and control of ingredients, and on the other by a strict respect for ancient production methods, such as boiling the must, careful blending and fermentation, decanting and topping up.

The Cavedoni products are therefore the fruit of impassioned and accomplished work by a company that is fully proud of its ancient traditions. 

imperatore: 30years  ducale: 15years  dama: 100years
Traditional Modena Balsamic Vinegar D.O.P.

Business Plan


The company is proposing the distribution in Italy and the world of the characteristic balsamic vinegar of Modena, along with other grape must derivatives (like saba) for a high quality market niche. The commercial aims are coupled with a wish to publicise and promote local gastronomic products, continuing family traditions and passing on to future generations the experiences, the knowledge and secrets that are part of the tradition of balsamic vinegar.

The company

The company is named:
Azienda Agricola Antica Acetaia Cavedoni dal 1860 registered in Italy at the company register of the Modena Chamber of Commerce, number 305975.

The main offices and production facilities are at:
via Sinistra Guerro 34, 41014 Castelvetro (Modena), Italy.


Management team

Paolo Cavedoni, Pini Vanna, Francesco Cavedoni, Marcello Cavedoni, Alessandro Cavedoni

Market segment

The Cavedoni products, given their high quality, are distributed in the best wine shops, delicatessens, shops specialising in all the world foods, as well as being used in famous restaurants.