History of the Cavedoni family

The name Cavedoni means love and tradition in producing the vinegar of Modena, “Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP, and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP“, according to artisanal techniques handed down from generation to generation, since 1860.

A love that speaks of respect for secular traditions, the alchemy of time and the foresight of a man who already in 1950 boasted a collection of over 500 barrels of vinegar: Francesco Cavedoni Senior.

The custom of our lands to give their children a vinegar battery as marriage dowry has meant that we go back to the distant 1835 with the birth of Morandi Francesco; man handyman (carpenter, seller of wood, repairman of shoes…) and naturally tied to the ancient traditions to prepare in its attic a battery of vinegar.

With the birth of his son Morandi Giuseppe in May 1860 continues the Morandi dynasty and the tradition of expanding the acetaia and “dwelling” several barrels of vinegar; probably helped by the fact that he practiced the profession of builder and therefore from a decent well-being and driven by the need to prepare several gifts since he had three daughters.

The smallest of which was called Morandi Zaira born in 1894 , housewife, who knew as a child a worker who was a laborer in his father’s yard: Cavedoni Dante (born in 1893). The spark that made their life a happy and consolidated union by the birth of three children one of whom, Cavedoni Francesco (1926) was the one who loved and understood natural balsamic vinegar more than any other (at that time the traditional was called that).

A life dedicated to the expansion and housing of different batteries and to the teaching of those who wanted information on the preparation of vinegar or the start of a battery. From the union with Codeluppi Orietta were born Cavedoni Dante (1952) and Cavedoni Paolo (1956).

The brothers Dante and Paolo contributed together with their father to the maintenance of the acetaia family that had taken on considerable proportions with decanting, rinsing, boiling of musts, choice of grapes until July 1998 year of death of Cavedoni Francesco.

From the union between Cavedoni Paolo and Pini Vanna Cavedoni Francesco Jr. (1984) and Cavedoni Marcello (1988) future champions of one of the rarest and noblest products of our land. The traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena PDO.

TheAntica Acetaia Cavedoni is a company still a family business that, thanks to its long experience, follows and directly controls all the stages of production, from the collection of its grapes, to bottling, for better ensure to its customers and the final consumer, products always genuine and up to the most demanding palates.

The Cavedoni family is inspired in making vinegar to an operating philosophy based solely on the quality, which is characterized on the one hand by the careful choice of ingredients, their constant control, and on the other by the strict respect of ancient methods of working (Must cooking, perfect mixing and fermentation, decanting and rinsing, etc.

Cavedoni products are therefore the result of the passionate and competent work of a company that is strong and proud of its centuries-old traditions.