The Cavedoni family: An ancient history handed down from generation to generation

Represented today by Marcello Cavedoni, who has been running the company since 2019, the company proposes the distribution in Italy and worldwide of the characteristic Modena balsamic vinegar and other derivatives of must (such as Saba), in a niche market of high quality. The commercial intentions are combined with the desire to disseminate and enhance the typical products of local gastronomy, so as to continue the family tradition and pass on to future generations the experiences, knowledge and secrets related to the art of balsamic.

The family, which allocated it not only to private consumption but also to the most important gifts. Great importance was therefore attached to the vinegar cellar, a substantial part of the family heritage.

The master baker was therefore a member of the family, who learned the secrets of discipline from an early age. An ancient history that is still handed down from generation to generation.

Cavedoni products, given the high quality standard that distinguishes them, are distributed in the best Wine, Gastronomy and Food Shops in the world, as well as being used in famous restaurants.

The Cavedoni family has reached the seventh generation with Alessandro, Giorgia, Giacomo, Lorenzo and Beatrice.