Good with risottos, salads and eggs.


Used as condiment for boiled and roast aemts, to fl avour polenta (semolina), calzagatti (polenta and beans) and cheese-based dishes, and to embellish desserts. It marries well with ice cream, freuit salad, whips and cocktails, baked cream, chocolate cream, sweet and dried bisquits.

Botte Piccola

Made from the famous Spanish Trebbiano grape, aged and left to mature in oak barrels. It is advisable to use it in its natural form on dishes. Good with roast meats, scallops, crustaceans, end-of-meal digestive or tasting.

Il Caratello

Aged and left to mature in oak barrels, it is advisable to use it natural on dishes. Suitable for salads, pinzimoni, roasts, boiled and strawberries.


These traditional balsamic vinegars, after long years of aging, acquire such fl avours as enable them to be used on any dish; they are fantastic tasted using a teaspoon. Each year only a few bottles are decanted so an extraaged Vinegar remains that only a few refined palates can allow themselves.


Can be combined with any dish such as: fresh or cooked vegetables, fried dishes, rice, some types of pasta, meat, boiled or roast potatoes, cheese.