Food Condiments

Cavedoni seasoning is obtained from a particularly selected grape, called Trebbiano di Castelvetro. From this grape is obtained after careful pressing the must cooked with the technique of direct fire.
Condimento Cavedoni lives in the attic and ages for long years, maturing and concentrating more and more in barrels of various essences (oak, chestnut, cherry, mulberry, juniper). It is a gastronomic treasure that few families in Modena jealously guard by passing on its secret. For its precious sweet and sour harmony, the Condimento Cavedoni is suitable for the most varied culinary creations, as the most prestigious chefs teach… A few drops are enough to season salads, legumes, boiled or grilled vegetables. Excellent on scallops and meat, incomparable as invigorating and digestive, indicated on strawberries and ice cream.
Cavedoni guarantees the authenticity of this magnificent product, the result of a centuries-old experience of love and respect for tradition.


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